Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Say Hello to EL Functions

EL functions allows you to call a java function from your JSP pages with out using any scripltes(in your JSP).It really important to have a scriplets free JSP pages, which make developer and designer life easy.Below is a simple example of using EL function.

Simple Java Class with Static Method:

* Before calling a method from your JSP page, the method should be public and static.
Below is the code where we defined a class called SimpleELFunctions and static method called sayHello
package com.passion4java.el.functions;
public class SimpleELFunctions {

 public static String sayHello(String test){
  return "Say HELLO Hello EL Function";

TLD files with function tags

below is a simple tld where we have to defined the Class name in function-class tag and  the method signature in function-signature tag.

  java.lang.String sayHello(java.lang.String)

JSP Page

add your tld file uri to @taglib directive and give the prefix name to it. in our example its p4j
When you are calling EL function  first  we have give the prefix name p4j and a :(colon)
* then call the name which  is defined in the tld file under  name tag ending with a () (open and close bracket)
<%@ taglib prefix="p4j" uri="elfunctions" %>
< html >
  < head >
    < title >Say Hello< /title >
  < /head >
  < body >
  < /body >
< /html >

Thats it.. ;)

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