Thursday, October 8, 2009

Easy way to keep your Blog and Twitter up-to-date.

I was thinking how can I keep my blog and my twitter up-to-date, if I add any new post in my blog and I have to come back to twitter to do the same.
This is a redundant work which I have to do. Today when I was searching in the net found a cool web application which will update your twitter accounts if any update is made in your blogs.
The way it works is it takes your RSS feeds of your blog and understands the updates based on that it updates your twitter account.


Then I added follow me on twitter in blog ;)
Try if you like it :)


Aboobacker said...

Hai Usuf
Congrats! Good Stuff!
and Good Blog.. Keep it up and Update Frequent,

Mohammed Yousuff said...

Thanks da machie

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